Let me introduce you to a very charismatic , charming , sweet and energetic voice hina fatima of
youtube who recently crossed 500 subscribers on her channel.
She has been updating lot of videos for her fans now as her fan base will grow she will find many more followers to her instgram , youtube and twitter account.

Here is her first exclusive interview :

1. Interviewer : How did this uploading of videos started and what is the story behind it ?
Hina Fatima : Well its been 2 years since i have uploaded my first cover and i feel youtube is kinda platform to which anyone can come and showcase there talent without any fail and only because i wanted to showcase my talent that is why i started uploading videos on YouTube

2. Interviewer : You learned guitar and singing by your self? Are you trained?
Hina Fatima : No i am not trained. i learnt guitar for a month that’s it. rest all this musical talent i have is gifted by ALLAH PAAK

3. Interviewer : Which singer inspires you to have a singing career?
Hina Fatima : Well each and every artist inspires me a lot

4. Interviewer : If not singer what you would like to become?
Hina Fatima :i want to be a singer that’s it. i never thought of any other things

5. Interviewer : Three things you hate most?
Hina Fatima : three things i hate the most is-
-selfish ppl

6. Interviewer : Your fav movie , actress/actor , food ?
Hina Fatima : favourite movie-kung fu panda,frozen,how to train your dragon πŸ™‚
favourite actor-mr.SRK
favourite actress-priyanka chora
favourite food- chicken kathi rolls

7. Interviewer : When is your birthday?
Hina Fatima : birthday- 17th april

8. Interviewer : what is your opinion about how to live life?
Hina Fatima : Not to give a f**k about the society and people you don’t know
just follow your heart without hurting your parents πŸ™‚

9. Interviewer : Things you will look in for your life partner?
Hina Fatima : well he has to be understanding

10. Interviewer : Which is your favourite cover you did and why?
Hina Fatima : my favourite cover is the love songs mashup because i really put a lot of efforts in making

11. Interviewer : Any intresting story about any cover you uploaded on youtube?
Hina Fatima : no there’s no as such interesting stories behind my covers.its just when i make any cover I usually record 7-8 videos and then i finalise one which is quite a difficult job hahahaah.

12. Interviewer : Your parents opinions about your youtube videos? Have the seen it ?
Hina Fatima : Well my parents have no clue about it and i dont have any clue that how will they react to it.

let’s hope for the best ✌️

13. Interviewer : Any youtube singer you follows ?
Hina Fatima : I follow a lot of youtube singers
one of my favourite is sam tsui ❀️

14. Interviewer : A person you admire the most ?
Hina Fatima : No one

15. Interviewer : Do you do live events ? If yes how can people contact you ?
Hina Fatima : No i have never done any live event so far.

16. Interviewer : What you feel when you see your first video again?
Hina Fatima :i feel good about it. because day by day i am growing,learning and improving so when i see my self singing in my old videos i came to know that how much i have improved so far.

17. Interviewer : Any advice to people who wana upload videos on youtube?
Hina Fatima : just be yourself,be confident and trust god

18. Interviewer : Any messages to your fans?
Hina Fatima : I don’t have much fans but whatever the amount of my fans are i really love them from the bottom of my heart. i really appreciate their efforts. and it means a lot to me. i am really thankful to ALLAH that i got such lovely support.

hina fatima

thanks for this wonderful interview hope to see your new video soon πŸ™‚ #HFG